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Mid-tempo songs:


Alekseev  - Drunk Sun

MBAND  - She will be back

Agutin - Be a part of your

Agutin - Toys

Agutin - On the lilac moon

Agutin  - Airports

Alexey Chumakov - Girl, Girl, Woman

Alexey Chumakov  -Happiness

Alexey Chumakov  - Here and there

Antonov  - You are not more beautiful

Arthur Best - They've known each other for a long time

A-Studio  - Julia

A-studio - Stop the night

A-Studio  - Just like everyone else

Bi-2 - Slippery streets

Bilan - Tell the birds

Belan - Become for me

Nike Borzov - Riding a Star

Bravo -  42 minutes

Bravo  - My soul sings

Bravo  - I am what you need

Bravo - what a pity

Bagel  - Say no

Gazmanov harness this day.

Rook - I'm young

Grizzly - Let's fly

Django - Cold Spring

Dorn - Styts men

Yin  - Yang - Do not let go of my hand

Yin-Yang  - In the opposite direction

Irakli Pirtskhalava  - Autumn

Kipelov  - I'm free

Kirkorov - Cherry

Kirkorov - Summer

Kirkorov - Snow

Kirkorov  - Strings

Kuzmin - Mom

Kuzmin - Siberian frosts

Kuzmin - Five minutes from your house.

Leps - New Year's

Leps - so what

Leps - A glass of vodka on the table

Leps - The best day

Leps and Meladze - Turn aroundMagomaev -  Melody

Mazaev - Caprice

Mazaev - Mozart

Malikov - I'll drink to the bottom

Malikov  - You will never be mine

Meladze - Heaven

Meladze - Take care of yourself my angel 

Meladze  - Contrary to

Meladze  - You said

Meladze - My little star

Meladze how beautiful you are today.

Meladze  -Shards of summer

Meladze  - Plus and minus

Meladze  -Stay with me

Meladze  - The light of the setting sun

Meladze  -Free flight

Meladze  - Country of Flowers (Georgian)

Meladze  - I Liked You

Meladze  - Just below the sky

Meladze  - Se - la - vie

Milyavskaya - You are my sea.

Mikhailov - Save me

Obozdinsky  - Give me back the music

Inveterate scammers - Love me love

Pavliashvili - Sing with me

Pavliashvilli  - Let's pray for parents

Penkin - In another spring

Penkin -  Evening chimes

Penkin - Again a blizzard

Presnyakov - Zurbagan

Presnyakov - You Tell

Presnyakov - Wanderer

Presnyakov  - Road to the sea

Rastarguev  - There are only

St. Petersburg  - Enchanted, bewitched

Serov - You love me  

Serov  - I love you to tears

Tishman - Five colors

Tishman - I draw you

Trumpeter - White

Trumpeter - Five minutes

Trumpeter  - I live in  paradise

Fadeev  - Sister

Vyacheslav Basyul  - Dancing on glass 

Fomin  - Gardener

Rastarguev - Horse (acapello)

Shufutinsky two extinguished candles

Shufutinsky  - Jewish tailor

Shufutinsky - Left Bank of the Don


Dance  songs:


A-Dessa - Fire no wifi

Afric Simone

MBAND - Fix Everything (minus 3)

Agutin - Ai yay yay

Antonov - On chestnut street (-)

Antonov - I remember

Assorted and Prime Minister - Blue Hoarfrost

A-Studio - Nine chrysanthemums

Barskikh - Killer Eyes

Barskikh - My love

Barskikh - Unfaithful

Barskikh - Girlfriend-night

Barskikh - Mists

Barskikh - I want to dance

Belousov - Night taxi

Bilan - Hold on

BiS - Vlad Sokolovsky - Yours or nobody's

Bravo  - Road to the clouds

Bravo  - Black cat

Bravo - Vasya

Bravo - King orange summer

Bravo - Love, girls

Bravo - Orange Tie

Bravo - It's dawn outside the window

seen the night

Danko - You came down from the sky

Dynamite - My Miami

Dorn - Lova-rem

Earthlings - Grass near the house

Yin-Yang - Oh, Yeah!

Yin-Yang - Kamikaze

Irakli - London Paris

Kirkorov - Mood color blue

Creed - The most

Creed - Tear

Kuzmin - Simone

Kuzmin - You call me in the middle of the night.

Kuzmin - Hey beauty

Leningrad - In St. Petersburg - to drink

Leningrad - Road

Leningrad - Let's start celebrating!

Leningrad - Fish of my dreams

Leprechauns - Hali-gali

Mazaev  - Goodbye mom

Mazaev - I choose you.

Meladze - Beautiful

Meladze - Dream

Meladze - Salute, faith!

Meladze - No need for sugar.

Meladze - Light of the setting sun

Meladze - Let's hide the tears from strangers.

Meladze - Tequila Love

Mitya Fomin - homeless child

Mitya Fomin - Everything will be fine.

Nikolaev - Taxi

Inveterate Machinists - Frontier

Presnyakov  - Touchy

Presnyakov - In broad daylight

Presnyakov - Stewardess named Jeanne

Hands up! – Unloved

Sukachev  - My grandmother smokes a pipe

Timur Temirov - Sea

Timur Temirov - Dove

Showa - I'll steal her





Bravo  - Road to the clouds

Bravo  - Black cat

Bravo - Vasya

Bravo - King orange summer

Bravo - Love, girls

Bravo - Orange Tie

Bravo - It's dawn outside the window

Kuzmin - Simone

Kuzmin - You call me in the middle of the night.

Kuzmin - Hey beauty

Mazaev  - Goodbye mom

Mazaev - I choose you.

Sukachev  - My grandmother smokes a pipe



English songs:


Afric Simone

Alessandro Safina

Duran Duran - Come Undone



Secret Service - Ten o'clock postman

Thomas Anders

Penkin  - Feelings


New Year's songs:


Abdulov - Imagine

Andrey Mironov - Bad Luck Island

Arkady Khoralov - New Year's toys

Assorted and Prime Minister - Blue Hoarfrost

VIA "Flame" - Snow is spinning

Volga-Volga - Three white horses

Daiquiri and Dmitry Malikov - Snowflake

Leningrad - Let's start celebrating!

Leps -  New Year

Meladze - Tequila-Love - (remix)

Muromov - Apples in the snow - (remix)

Nikulin - Song about hares

Panayotov - Wind of change

Penkin - Again a blizzard

Hands Up! - Happy New Year

Philip Kirkorov - Mood color blue

Gil -  Winter

Tea for two - New Year's kiss

Chaliapin - Conversation with happiness

Shatunov - On the white bedspread of January





WITHmedium tempo:


Anivar - Beloved person

Anivar - Steal

Filatov & Karas feat. Masha - Lyrics

Kazka - Cried

Nazima - Feelings

Agureeva - Kolechko

Aida Vedischeva - Song about bears

Alegrova - Mistress

Alegrova - I dreamed

Ani Lorak/Mot - Soprano

A-Studio - Just like everyone else

Vaenga - Absinthe

Vaenga - I smoke

Valeria, Piekha - You are sad.

Gagarina - Cuckoo (from the movie "Battle for Sevastopol")

Gverdtsiteli - Landmark of love

Herman - Echo of Love

City 312 - I'll stay

Hot Chocolate - Crazy with happiness

Christmas tree - I warm happiness

Yolka - Near you

Zaitseva Maria  - Faith and love

Zemfira - Do you want

Irina Muravyova - Call me, call me

Convertible - Baby

Katerina Golitsyna - shamelessly happy

Combination - Cherry Nine

Kontridze T. - Without you (from the film "Silver Lily of the Valley")

Circle - You are my last love

Leningrad - Bag

Leningrad - Exhibit

Malback ft. Suzanne - Hypnosis

Meladze - Beautiful

Meladze - Promised Heaven

Meladze make a fire

Meladze - Salute, faith!

Meladze - Let's hide the tears from strangers.

Meladze / Prikhodko - No answer

Meladze / ViaGra - Ocean and three rivers

Meladze / ViaGra - There is no more attraction

Morozova - Hug

Non-Angels - Roman

Nepara - Cry and see

Nina Brodskaya - The January blizzard is ringing

Night snipers  - You gave me roses

Okean Elzy - Let go

Pugacheva - Arlekino

Pugacheva - Woman who sings

Pugacheva - Love is like a dream.

Pugacheva - A million scarlet roses

Pugacheva - Invitation to sunset

Pugacheva - Candle

Pugacheva - You are in the world

Rada Rai - Soul

Rada Rai - Don't Judge Me

Svetikova - Fortuneteller

Sokolova D. - Indigo

Ternova, Krug - Let's talk.

Timati - Time does not wait

Uspenskaya - Guitar

Uspenskaya - Another minute

Uspenskaya - To the only one

Uspenskaya - Sky

Fadeev - Dancing on glass

Tsyganova come to my house

Chicherina / Bi-2 - My Rock and Roll


Dance songs:


Artik & Asti, Artem Kacher - Sad dance
2Masha - Barefoot
Artik & Asti - Under hypnosis 
CarMan - San Francisco
IOWA - Smile
Matrang - Medusa
Alegrova - Birthday
Alegrova - The hijacker
Antsiferova looking for you
Aphrodite - Valera
Vaenga - I wish
VIA Gra - Truce
Time and Glass - On style
Gagarina no more drama
Gagarina - The performance is over
Gaitana - I listen and obey
Yolka - On a big balloon
Irina Krug and Viktor Korolev - Bouquet of white roses
Car Man - San Francisco
Krug Irina - I will read in your eyes.
Leningrad - Voyage
Leningrad - Fish
Leningrad - Bag
Leningrad - So cool
Leningrad - Cabriolet
Loboda - Revolution
Loboda - Revolution
Loboda - Your eyes
Loboda - Your eyes
Max Barskikh - Killer Eyes
Mirage - Music connected us
Natalie - Oh my God, what a man
Non shooters - Officer
Pugacheva - Madame Broshkin
Pugacheva - Rise above the vanity
Rotaru - Moon, moon
Rotaru - don't leave
Rotaru - Farmer
Rotaru - Chervona Ruta
Glory - Your kiss
Uspenskaya - I'm lost


English songs:


Ace Of Base - Beautiful Life

Adagio - Lara Fabian

Adriano Celentano - Confessa 

Bonnie Tyler

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

Cher-Strong Enough




Evanescence  - bring me to life

Jamal- 1944

Lady Gaga

Lara Fabian  - Je T'aime

Madonna - You'll See

Malfa - So Long

Natalia Oreiro

P!nk - Just Give Me a Reason


Spice Girls

Thomas Anders

Tina Turner

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Gagarina - A million voices

Sherifovic M. - Molitva (in Serbian)

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